Camarillo 50th Anniversary and Food Trucks Sat 10/18 in Ventura

We’ll be hanging out in Ventura County in Camarillo on Saturday October 18, 2014 to celebrate the Camarillo 50th  Anniversary. This event will be located at Constitution Park and will feature a full day of FREE activities and fun for the kids: face painting, jump houses, magician and balloon guy, kid print booth and more. Plus there will be live music with local bands jamming out to the 5 decades of music in commemoration of the city’s 50th anniversary. Adults can relax at the beer and wine garden to toast the big occasion and you’ll also find plenty of great food options from bbq to shave ice to pair your drinks with from local nonprofit groups and of course some of the best of Los Angeles and Ventura food trucks.

Our buddies from Got FoodTrucks has partnered up with the City of Camarillo to bring you a great line up of food trucks for this big event: The Grilled Cheese TruckThe Greasy WienerLet’s Roll It and Scratch Ventura. There will be something for everyone hot dogs, sausages, grilled cheese sandwiches, burgers, sushi, fusion tacos, korean bbq and much more!

Come on out and bring the whole family! Bring your lawn chairs and blankets and make it a fun day of a food truck picnic, music and celebrating with your local community, let’s wish the City of Camarillo  “Happy Birthday!” See you there!

When: Saturday October 18, 2014

Time: 11AM-7PM 

Where: Constitution Park

601 Carmen Dr, Camarillo, CA 93010

For more information visit the City of Camarillo’s website


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Food Truck Inspiration for the Day

When all else fails, if you’re stressed out, need a break or just plain hungry– remember these fine words today and use this as your mantra….

National Hot Dog Month: Meet The Greasy Wiener

We’re already far into the month of July, but did you know that July is National Hot Dog & Sausage month? Yes, this makes July quite a glorious month! According to the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council here are some statistics that may blow your mind about our nation’s love and dedication to wieners:

“In 2012, consumers spent more than $1.7 billion on hot dogs in U.S. supermarkets.”

“Los Angeles residents consume more hot dogs than any other city (over 95 million), beating out Baltimore/Washington and New York.”

Imagine that Los Angeles holds the honor of being the biggest wiener loving citing in the U.S.?

Which brings us to our feature story on who may be considered a bit of an underdog (get it dog, we’re on this wiener theme here) of the Los Angeles food truck scene, The Greasy Wiener.


The Greasy Wiener Truck

The Greasy Wiener, owned by New Jersey born- native, Adam Dragotta has been on the streets of Los Angeles since March of 2010 with a consistent growing fan base.  Now if the name of the truck doesn’t tantalize your taste buds, here are some things that you should know about the great, yellow wiener mobile that will wake up your palate during this celebratory month.

The Greasy Wiener is a registered trademark and also an original family recipe that includes their own handmade, all beef hot dogs. What does this mean? This means that each wiener has been prepared with no fillers, no steroids and no hormones. While there are no claims to being the healthiest meal on the planet (it is a hot dog after all!), nobody on the streets of L.A. (including your favorite cart lady serving up those ‘danger dogs ‘outside the club or bar you’re stumbling out of at 2am) has a hot dog that tastes quite like this one.

The menu is inspired by Adam’s upbringing in New Jersey with a long history of eating and working in several  fast food establishments.  All their wieners and sausages (yes even the soy based veggie one- “The Hippie”) are deep fried to a perfect snap, some refer to that as “ripper” but we’ll still call it a Greasy Wiener.


Greasy Wiener’s The Bomb

Signature item and fan favorite “The Bomb” is a bacon wrapped wiener topped with housemade chili and cheese, mustard, grilled onions and a dill pickle spear-this dog was an award winning standout at the OC County Fair in 2011 for both originality and taste, beating their competition Pink’s Hot Dog’s(the legendary Hollywood stand).

You can also find some New Jersey humor in the menu with a new item called “Brat Jovi” which is a housemade bratwurst infused with cheddar named after one of New Jersey’s hometown rock band, Bon Jovi.  You see there is a bit of cheekiness that  is all part of the experience which you will appreciate  when eating a greasy wiener.

Another favorite is the Chicken Apple Sausage which is made like all the other sausages and wieners on their truck –  hand twisted, steamed and smoked on beech wood and hickory chips, giving a great smokiness flavor to all of The Greasy Wiener  sausages and wieners. All the spices in the sausages and wieners come from Germany and are separated from any allergens (health conscious!).  Ask for “How Ya Doin” (be prepared to use your best accent when ordering) if Chicken Apple is what you crave – a juicy sausage wrapped in bacon, topped with bbq sauce and grilled onions.


The Greasy Wiener Iggys

Not in the mood for a hot dog? You can also try their White Castle inspired sliders called “Iggys”. What’s an Iggy you say?  Fresh from the butcher, Angus beef mini burgers that are topped with mustard, onions, pickles and added their own “special sauce” on top of some soft and sweet King’s Hawaiian Rolls.

However, let’s stay on topic, now that we’re viciously hungry. Want to know where you can find The Greasy Wiener and try one of these unique dogs? The truck is one of the few So Cal mobile food units that have a Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura County (and soon to be )San Bernardino license, so there is a strong chance The Wiener will be in your home town any given day of the week.

Recently participating at Sugar Ray Leonard’s charity Fight Night event, Swedish Mafia’s farewell tour at Historic Park and Los Angeles Grand Park’s first Independence Day Event to sell out crowds, the truck is also available for special events, fundraisers and private catering.

When looking for them out on the streets, you know the drill:

Twitter:   or their

Meet the Library Store – The Book Store on Wheels

One of the reasons why we started this website was because of our obvious love of eating from food trucks, the idea of getting freshly made, affordable food in an outdoor setting where you could congregate with your community and even strangers was a fresh and exciting new concept.

There’s never been a time where we stopped talking, tweeting, taking picture of thinking about food, but we’re also fascinated by the latest craze of specialty mobile vendors that have joined the scene bringing retail and other diverse services to the streets of Los Angeles.

Since we’re firm believers in keeping yourself well informed, well read and keeping your mind fresh, we’re big supporters of bookstores (especially local ones, even though many seem to be taken over by the big chains) and our public institutions that provide free services to keep on learning, such as our local libraries in Los Angeles; so to see the doors open to a massive, blue 4-wheeled truck with a collection of gifts and books waiting for us  to shop and spend some money while at the Patchwork Show in Long Beach in June, we were feeling pretty elated.  Something different! Plus the proceeds of your purchases go to a good cause.

During the holiday season of December 2012 the Library Foundation  launched the Library Store on Wheels, a mobile incarnation of the Central Library’s beloved and critically-acclaimed store, featuring a unique and carefully-curated collection of literary-inspired gifts. In it’s initial launch the mobile store visited 6 different neighborhood library branches, including the world- famous Amoeba Records.

You’ll now find the mobile store making it’s way to various fundraisers, craft fairs and local food truck events. You can find out about their next stop by following them on Twitter –

Proceeds from the mobile store benefit the Library Foundation of Los Angeles, resulting in free and critical library programs, resources and services available for millions of adults, children and youth across Los Angeles.



Inside The Library Store Truck

The Library Store opened in 1993, just one year after the Library Foundation was founded in response to the 1986 fires that nearly destroyed the Central Library. The Library Store On Wheels follows the success of last year’s branch pop-up stores creating a one-of-a-kind shopping experience made readily available to library lovers all over Los Angeles.

The Library Foundation of Los Angeles supports and enriches the capabilities, resources, and services of the Los Angeles Public Library.

For more information on the Library Store and the Library Foundation of Los Angeles visit: