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Got FoodTrucks is responsible for some of the first gourmet food truck lots in Los Angeles and Orange County. We are a group of passionate foodies that share a common love for food and background in technology, event management and marketing. We have organized over 200 +food truck events including weekly dinner lots, city events, lunch locations and over 100 school fundraisers since being established in September 2010. We specialize in helping local communities bring together successful events as well as working with non-profit organizations and public schools to help achieve their fundraising goals. Got FoodTrucks is one of the most reputable organizations in Los Angeles food truck industry.

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Ruth Nakada is a Los Angeles native that has spent several years as a marketing professional working on campaigns with brands such as Sony, Apple, Hewlett Packard and Panasonic. Ruth has been a gourmet food truck fanatic since 2009 and has experience in event management along with brand development and food truck management. She is always on the pulse for latest trends in the industry and how food trucks can stay ahead of the game utilizing today’s latest technology. www.lavalleyfoodtrucks.com

Chris Liu is an IT professional by day and has been involved in the food truck scene in Los Angeles since its inception. Chris is one of the co-founding members of Got Food Trucks and has years of experience in organizing food truck events with a background in social media marketing and web development. He is constantly on the hunt for ways to combine great food with current technology. www.thefoodtrucker.com